Saturday, 30 April 2016

Incoming Fire


After a holiday to sunny Spain and some time off painting, I have returned in full force! The past week has seen some new ships join the Russian fleet, which continues to expand at a steady pace. I am aiming to "finish" the fleet soon and start focusing on something new, but at the moment my mind only wants to paint Russian ships!

Left on the painting table, I have the following to finish...

  • One Kostroma-class Fleet Carrier
  • One Squadron of five Kazimov-class Corvettes
  • One Squadron of four Rostov-class Destroyers
  • One Squadron of four Novgorod-class Frigates
  • Three Veliky-class Escorts
  • Fourteen Wings of Support Aircraft
I am also tempted to add a Pevek Cruiser Squadron for completion's sake, but this is not exactly necessary... 

Onto the completed pieces from this week! 

A third Borodino-class Battleship, three Veliky-class Escorts and a squadron of Tiksi-class Support Cruisers join the fleet
This gives me the option of running a full squadron of Tiksi-class Support Cruisers and a specialist Shashka Squadron at the same time
The Tiksi-class Support Cruisers are nasty ships, packed with firepower, but are relatively expensive and vulnerable to boarding - a rarity in the Russian fleet!
The flagships of the Russian fleet - a veritable armada in their own right! I look forward to fielding them all at the same time one day...
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