Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Infinity - Team Dactyl


Hey guys, Dave here with my latest Infinity update.

After the indignity of a bath in paint stripper I returned to Acmon to attempt to apply the scheme I'd been working on. In typical fashion I wasn't happy with the result, so a few bits were re-done when I painted his fellow Dactyls.

I also decided to sort out the basing.  The previous bases were looking in a bad state from the amount of layers and stripping they've been through. The bases from Antenociti's Workshop had caught my eye along with the compass bars, so on they went.  This does mean I need to re-visit the Myrmidons.

I'm still not happy with the combat handbags and strapping, I don't think brown would work with this scheme and I'm thinking about German Fieldgrey (a colour I'm very familiar with).  If that works out okay on whatever I paint next, then I'll return to these and the Myrmidons to update them.

These guys have been in combat quite a few times now, usually as a link team led by Hector. They typically end up as cheerleaders, then step up when objectives need achieving. I've had some interesting experiences with the Adhesive Launchers and Panzerfaust.  However the double Engineer is overkill and I'm suffering from a lack of long-range firepower and MSV shenanigans.  In the future I expect I'll take one of each with a Yudbot.

I reckon it's time to up the ante and have a go at Hector next.

Thanks for reading

Winner Dave

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