Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Real Prince of Troy - Hector


Hello all,

As mentioned in my last post I'm finally content with the scheme I've been working on for my ALEPH force and as Hector features in most of my games now, I decided he was my next victim!

Hector was fun to paint, except for the amount of flash and mould lines that required dealing with. As usual I didn't get all of them and one became apparent as I was half way through painting.
Drawing his sword, ready for close quarters
Also Hector's face came out really cartoony...I've no idea how that happened as the flesh recipe is one thing I've kept consistent.  Perhaps it's because of how the eyes turned out or perhaps it's the sculpt, I don't know but it's kinda amusing.
Love the detail on the shield (and matching on the TinBot!)
Typically Hector stomps around the field trailing a link of Dactyls, the idea being that Doctor Dactyl can keep him alive and Engineer Dactyl can un-glue him.  It rarely works out that way but it's a nice idea. I love the Strategos L1 giving me an extra Order - it does give away who my Lieutenant is, but I'd be amazed if my opponent hadn't already worked that out. I consistently forget that Hector has an X-Visor, so I need to make a note on the weapons chart in order to remind me.
The bulky Hoplite armour is covered in detail
Well I hope you like him and his little Martian buddy.  Any feedback is gratefully received.
Gratuitous group shot

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