Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Late Interception


In a bold (vain?) attempt to cut down my pile of unpainted miniatures, I have been working through some of the last squadrons and vessels for my various fleets. You may have seen some of these efforts recently in a post detailing additions to the Russian and Chinese fleets, and this week we see the last additions to the Chinese Federation.
Zhulong-class Light Interceptors
A swarm of these craft will work in concert with the larger flyers to dominate the skies
A full squadron of Wo-Dao-class Gunships, finally I can field three having painted the last turret drop-on
These small Interceptors bring more aerial firepower to the fleet, and will round out the fleet nicely. The final turret allows the fleet to field a full squadron Gunships, and the tiny flyers give the fleet all the options. Until they receive some future releases, I am satisfied with this fleet!

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