Sunday, 12 March 2017

Hell Knight

In the wake of four bloody games of Frostgrave my warband has expanded and upgraded a fair few of the original members - whether through loss, sacrifice or just plain better options. Most recently I have hired a pair of more armoured soldiers - a Templar and a Knight. I wanted to try out some models with better armour, but honestly I wanted an excuse to paint up these fantastic (if disturbing!) miniatures. Both of these models are Apostates of Darkness from the Confrontation range by Rackham.
This mighty champion carries a pair of great maces and drags a pair of chained slaves behind him at all times
The bound slaves are masked and scarred - I painted them with many small cuts as being dragged around by this brute would not be easy
The baroque armour has been painted in the usual style, pitted and ancient
Only the chains were painted cleanly, but the mask was also given even highlights
This model serves as my Templar, with less armour than the model above but armed with two equally brutal weapons
Daemonic iconography is scattered across the model, while a grotesque haemonculus (or something more sinister) hangs from his belt
Scar tissue across the flesh breaks up the skin nicely
Scrolls and other accoutrements hang from the belt 
A book also hangs from the belt - the mark of a creature beyond a mindless killing machine
The fearsome Templar strides into battle, ready to cull the followers of the false gods

The Templar, Knight and Barbarian together

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