Sunday, 26 March 2017

Summoning Circle

This week our gaming group played The Keep scenario, a special mission from the Frostgrave rulebook involving four Wizard Circles. These enable those standing on them to teleport across the battlefield, and cause all kinds of chaos!

Some weeks previous, I had seen these Circles available from Blotz (the same source for most of my Dropzone Commander terrain) and had to pick up all four! Made from simple lasercut MDF, these were really easy to paint. I decided to keep it simple as I did not want any garish primary colours and other things making them look silly or out of place.

I also picked up a few resin pieces from Bad Squiddo Games, including some other wizardry accessories that should be useful. The fifth circle comes from this source, as well as the candles that decorate it. The Dragon skull is from Games Workshop's Giant, and makes for a fitting ritual piece.

In the future I intend to work on some more terrain for Frostgrave, but this was a nice place to start and will really help with some of the scenarios in the future.
The four different designs combine all kinds of magical symbols and runes. They were painted in a variety of greys, drybrushed for the most part. Roughness was added to the MDF with stone-effect spray, as I have done with previous MDF terrain for Dropzone Commander
The great Dragon skull must have some ritual significance, and can act as scatter terrain or a treasure token in future games
I painted the candles red to add a contrasting colour, making the piece look better on the gaming table
The Wizard begins his spell!

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