Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Life In Ruins


As some readers may have guessed, I love painting terrain. Bashing things with a big brush, not much attention needed for tiny details, and bloody good looking from four feet away - fantastic. After the success of the Wizard Circles and the Fountain (as seen in previous posts) I decided to paint a small selection of ruins.

These were sourced from Blotz, very reasonably priced and easy to put together. Unfortunately their range of "ruins" is rather small, but I think I will consider them for a few more purchases before going off to other suppliers. The great thing about terrain - and especially ruins - is that you can use a variety of different companies and still maintain a coherent look.

These early pieces will not cover a huge amount of space (certainly not to the density I would like for Frostgrave) but will make for a fine start and also give a hand to the guys at my local club - this will make it easier for us to cover two good-sized tables!

I was also questioned by a friend - is Frostgrave really worth building a whole table for? Will I be playing at home? I'm not sure at the moment, I hope so. Regardless, generic Fantasy or Historical terrain could be useful for other, future games as well - Age of Sigmar, Mordheim, Saga etc. Anything I can do to justify this project to myself, basically.
The first ruin is a simple piece, with a large first-floor area for archers and like
The second is a more complex walkway along a ruined wall, with lots of spots for archers and Wizards to fire from
This corner ruin also features a raised level, and a handy door
A corner piece and a ruined arch
Another doorway and a corner piece round out the collection
The ruins are deceptively large, offering substantial cover
I may have to invest in some ladders! 
This picture shows how many people could potentially fit upstairs! 

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