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The previous week has seen some frenzied painting - getting ready for an Infinity tournament this past weekend. Hopefully I will have a short report ready soon for that!

In the mean time, I will show off some of the latest additions to the team - some not so exciting models this week, as I decided to round out my supply of basic grunts. These "cheerleaders" will provide some nice cheap Orders for the real heavy-hitters on the team, and also provide some bright colour with their dyed hair!

Alongside the two Alguaciles, A WarCor joins the ranks as I finally finish and re-base my Go-Go Marlene model. A great character sculpt only available with the release of Campaign: Paradiso, she is a limited edition model I have chosen to paint in a complimentary scheme to run with the Nomads. I do not intend to use her for the upcoming tournament, but in a game where I would want to run a WarCor or a civilian, perhaps as an Objective, she would be the perfect model.

Lastly, I have a pair of Zondbots - helper robots that will aid the Engineers and Doctors on the team with their work. Diminutive little fellows, they are very situational and not exactly favoured in the current Infinity Tournament System as they cannot complete Objectives. Nonetheless, one of my recent lists had some spare points, and I thought I would give them a go!

The Alguaciles are the line infantry of Corregidor, often found acting as mercenaries or security forces for the Nomad Nation. ill-disciplined and uncouth, they are nonetheless excellent soldiers and valuable guns-for-hire
The two models here were painted with bright turquoise hair, the spot colour for the force. Using a new light system when taking these pictures, the models appear a great deal shinier than they really are, and the turquoise somewhat washed out
Go-Go Marlene and her camera-toting remote - star of the most successful show on Mayanet, the Prima donna of Mass Media
The grey cloth and turquoise hair ties her in thematically with the rest of the team, despite the lack of red. Perhaps she is choosing to match their militaristic fashion sense?
The Alguacile team as it currently stands, including the reprogrammed Aspect of ALEPH as their specialist operator
Accompanying the celebrity star into the thick of the fighting, the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor expect to be well paid!
The Zondbots - remote-controlled Servants to the specialists of the team
Their red armour is as dusty and battered as that of their masters
The latest recruits and their celebrity guest get ready for the next mission
So there we are, a little less exciting than usual but a significant chunk of the Work-In-Progress pile dealt with and some interesting list options opened up! In the future, I will be hopefully working on something a little... bigger, but I have also (somehow) been roped into supplying two tables to an upcoming tournament, so will need to work on building and painting some more terrain!

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