Friday, 7 November 2014

Slow Progress


Latest off the painting table for Dystopian Wars, a third vessel for the Russian Coalition - the mighty Azov-class Battlecruiser. This model was painted over the past week, (alongside some Infinity models that will feature in a future post) and took a bit longer than I am used to with other Dystopian Wars models. I blame this on the rather... involved painting scheme I have chosen for the Russian Navy, and the incredible amount of detail packed onto the model. The many coats of grey combined with the layers of Ablative Armour on the model forced me to take my time and concentrate, but in the end I think it was worth it. Despite having such a simple scheme, it pops nicely and looks good on the open water.

Onto some more pictures...

The Azov-class Battlecruiser is a powerful addition to the Russian fleet and a contender for the best Battlecruiser out of all the Nations. With Battleship-level weaponry and Ablative Armour giving it impressive defences, the Azov is a vessel I will always consider taking in my fleet
Model-wise, the Azov is one of the largest in its class, and packs as much detail as the larger comrades the Borodino and Moskva.  The aesthetic of the vessel follows the hard lines of the Moskva rather than the Borodino and the Khatangha, however, with the sharp flank armour rather than a rounded central superstructure
An imposing head-on view of the model, Ramming speed!
Incredible detail - a variety of pipes, funnels, generators and structures cover the entire model, showing both the technological achievements of the Russian Coalition and their rather crude incorporation of said sophistication
The flotilla as it stands - 200pts!
Battlecruiser and Corvette patrol the icy waters of the north, awaiting reinforcements
More on the way!

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  1. That's a nice one again. I like the subtle way you put some rust in strategic areas. :)

    You seem to like a pure-realistic aspect.
    Still it's a bit to monochromatic for my own taste (and fortunately pleasing me is not your aim ^^)
    Wouldn't you try to put some color or saturation in your scheme, with some marking or light effect for example, breaking that grey-everywhere effect ?

    Anyway it's great, contrasted and efficient painting, don't take me wrong ;)