Friday, 20 March 2015

Aerial Bombardment

As promised all those months ago, the Heavy Bombers and their Bombardment Groups are now available! Here's the link to the Spartan Games Blog Post and the Store. As mentioned in a recent Element270 Podcast, these boxes feature the new Heavy Bombers and one other new type of ship - light carriers, heavy destroyer etc. They also all include SAS tokens - perhaps these new Bombers can be accompanied by an escort of Fighters? 

Something new for all the factions - I cannot complain! 

...except to say I shouldn't really add even MORE to my painting backlog...

A lovely Bomber, the Halifax looks great, and the Heavy Destroyers won't go amiss. They remind me of the Indus-class Heavy Destroyers of the Indian Raj, and am sure will work well alongside them

Ah yes, the auto-buy. I'm looking forward to expanding my Prussian carrier capacity, and the Adler is a great looking plane too, matching the Zerstorer Strike Bombers nicely. The Havel is not the most exciting ship design-wise, but I'm content it will fit in with the newer designs like the Uhlan and the Donnerfaust well

I've never been a huge fan of the flyers for the Empire of the Blazing Sun, but this is a good looking vessel. The Heavy Destroyers are... fine? I can't tell what it is armed with, could be interesting

A very, very pretty plane for the Federated States of America, and that Heavy Destroyer looks like it has a whopping great big gun built into the deck - finally something other than turrets and rockets! Looking forward to adding these to Ben's collection

The Light Carrier, I like. The flyer is... another Covenant flyer. They all look pretty similar to me! It does have the big fans and the central rotor, which is a combination of the other designs, I guess. Still - the Light Carrier looks cool and is worth adding to the collection

Funky looking planes for the French - an all-Aerial group is different from the rest, and continues the theme of Aerial supremacy the French like to pretend they have. The rockets on the wings of the Pascal are especially brutal, love those!

Ah, the Russians and their weird-looking flyers. I've never been sold on strapping wings to the Sputnik-design, so although I like the Myshkin-class Bombers the Suyetka-class Light Interceptors have always looked a bit odd. This design is better, and I might yet invest in it. The submarine looks great - three of these could form an interesting Medium squadron. The big guns on the prow of the Submarine could be brutal
A really great release from Spartan, and one that has me excited and my wallet hurting. The only question is how many Nations do I invest in? Currently... at least three.

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