Sunday, 15 March 2015

Support Flotilla

The Russian Coalition continues to expand, this week seeing a mighty Fleet Carrier and three Gunships join the armada. These models bring the collections to nearly 1,500pts, and you may have seen them in action in the recent Battle Report. As usual, these models were a bit of a chore to paint, with the Ablative Armour and multiple layers of grey taking an inordinate amount of time to finish. Nonetheless, I am pleased with the final result and by no means sick of painting Russians - more to come soon!

Tambov-class Gunships
The Tambov-class Gunships are armed with two turrets each, giving the squadron an incredible amount of firepower
Only fifteen points more than the Suvorov-class Cruiser, the Tambov brings better gunnery, better CR value and more AA, at the expense of AP and IR - more than a fair trade in my mind
The extended and expanded hull of the Gunship gives it a fearsome profile, bringing to mind its larger cousin - the Azov-class Battle Cruiser
Deadly when firing individually or in concert, the Tambov-class Gunships cannot be ignored, but are also incredibly difficult to kill with good defensive statistics and Ablative Armour
The Tambov-class Gunships move close for the kill
Kostroma-class Fleet Carrier
The mighty Kostroma-class Fleet Carrier is one of the largest vessels in the Russian Navy, and features a Glacier Generator on the prow and impressive broadsides along the flanks
Capable of carrying nine Support Aircraft Squadrons, the Kostroma has a Carrier Value of nine - making it dangerous (in a support capacity, at least) for far longer than the more aggressive Dudinka-class Assault Carrier
The broadsides may be the only weapon system on the Fleet Carrier, but they are effective in RB3 and work well with its role as a support vessel, lurking behind the main battle line
The Glacier Generator is a cheap addition, and can be copied by other vessels in the fleet with their Mimic Generators
Packed with detail, the Kostroma is a beautifully brutal vessel
The latest additions to the Russian Coalition set sail for southern waters
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  1. Very nice, as usual !
    So what's next for the russian navy ?
    I know you're not fond of terrestrial models. Do you plan some aerial group ?

  2. A couple more ships - mainly bombardment vessels like the Khatanga and Tiksis, then it'll be aerial allies from the PLC I reckon!

  3. Cool choice ;)
    I like the Russian aerial group as well. Ready to be painted. For a while...