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Hordes - Gatormen Warbeasts


Warbeasts and Warjacks are what distinguish Warmachine and Hordes from most other wargames - this is not just a skirmish games but a bout between creations and monstrosities of immense size and strength. Focal points for each Faction, the Warjacks and Warbeasts are defined by, and define in turn, the aesthetics of their respective race - from the brutally efficient 'Jacks of Khador to the mysterious mechanical "Vectors" of the Convergence of Cyriss, from the enslaved desert beasts of the Skorne Empire to the mighty reptilian monsters of the Blindwater Congregation. 

The Warbeasts of the Gatormen are monstrous creatures of the swamp - giant alligators, immense turtle-like creatures and tentacled horrors. I love all of them, examples of nature gone mad and then turned into a living weapon. 

Blackhide Wrastler
Gators of voracious appetites, the massive blackhide wrastlers can easily drag the mightiest foes down to be shredded in a flurry of teeth and claws. They are also highly territorial beasts that glide through the swamps and shallows to sink their teeth into anyone who wanders close to gator-held land

A giant alligator - what's not to love? The mask and ropes add to the Wrastler imagery, without damaging the look of a giant, wild animal. 

Blackhide Wrastler
For the second Wrastler, I used a miniature from another gaming company - the Beloved of Sobek from the Gods of Aegyptus range by (appropriately enough) Crocodile Games. This was the first alligator/crocodile model I had come across, and bought it a long time before the rest of the Privateer Press models. When painting the Gatormen some years later, I decided to dig this model out of retirement, give it a new lick of paint and add it alongside the rest of the collection. I think it fits in nicely. 

Bull Snapper
Powerful gators with an insatiable hunger for human flesh, bull snappers are terrifying monsters that lurk beneath the still surface of swamplands held by the Blindwater Congregation. Surging up from the water, a bull snapper seizes its victim in jaws that close with the force of a colossal bear trap, ensuring its target cannot escape a bloody and painful demise.

A fun little model, I especially enjoyed painting the jaws on this model. The pose is interesting, though somewhat iconic should you want to run two!

Undead Bull Snapper
Given the signature pose of the Bull Snapper, I modelled the second as recently risen from the dead, to match with the Gatorman Posse featured in a previous post. The glowing blue eyes, open wounds and mysterious candle fit the recurring theme throughout the Congregation.

Ironback Spitter
The ironback spitter is a reptilian monstrosity from the deepest reaches of western Immoren’s swamps and marshes. A towering, turtle-like creature, the ironback is armed with a fearsome beak and two mighty claws, each capable of rending flesh, bone, and even steel. Its most dangerous attack, however, is a blast of corrosive venom that can reduce enemies to bubbling pools of noxious slime in a matter of seconds.

This model was an exercise in painting orange and turtle-shell, which was built up from layers of brown and yellow with various washes over the top. Not as colourful as originally planned, I am still satisfied with the outcome, and think this hulking brute is one of my favourite models in the collection.

Swamp Horror
Few men have survived an encounter with the swamp horrors that lurk in the marshlands. Survivors speak of great beasts rising from the swamp in a flurry of tentacles and seizing entire hunting parties in their slimy grip. Once ensnared, a swamp horror’s victims can only struggle futilely as they are pulled into its bone-crushing maw. Only the very strongest gatorman bokors and shamans can hope to control these primal beasts, so taming one is viewed as a show of great power.

One of the most striking models in the entire range, this was also one of the most interesting to paint - layers of washes and varnishes contrasting with shell, bone and tooth. I followed the painting guide offered by Privateer Press, which uses a great deal of colours I had not used before. A lot of fun!

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  1. Really nice paintjob, I enjoyed watching them. I especially like the first Wrastler ;]