Friday, 12 February 2016

Enter The (Thunder)Storm


Work has finally finished on the NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom for my Resistance forces, the ultimate mount for my aspiring Resistance Leader, Warlord or Immortan of the Citadel. This beast took a little while to paint, as it is huge, and covered in detail! The drive of the Escalation League was the final push I needed to get it done, so I am glad for that inspiration.
The Thunderstorm Custom is armed with four salvaged Scourge plasma guns, potent weaponry for the Resistance arsenal
The massive hull is studded with glowing lights and adapted armour plating
Building this monstrosity was not as easy as you'd hope, given the nature of large pieces of resin to warp. Nonetheless, the fit was acceptable
I have chosen brass for the massive generators, as it compliments the scheme nicely and is also a bit easier for me than silver!
Unleashing a tide of ramshackle trucks and wagons
More militaristic vehicles roll alongside
The fleet of hovercraft
So there we have it, the big HQ for the Resistance finally finished... now to paint something a little smaller!

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