Monday, 22 February 2016

From The Deep

Following the completion of the test model last week, I fell into a mad painting frenzy and finished the entire Submarine fleet in less than a week, while juggling Work and Real Life commitments. I have not done a painting challenge like that for a long time, and it was nice to push myself after a fairly lazy few months.

This was entirely made possible by the deceptively simple nature of the colour scheme. As seen in my Painting Guide, the scheme is a simple case of wash and re-highlight, with the camouflage scheme also surprisingly quick to paint. The ocean actually took the longest time to paint, involving a great deal of blending and wet-brushing.

The fleet itself consists of the Submarine models from the Wolf Pack Flotilla and the Hunter Flotilla, and with some judicious use of both the submerged and surfaced models gives me two Vengeance-class Submarines, two squadrons of Vanguard-class Submarines and two squadrons of five Valiant-class Attack Submarines. Adding the few available upgrades, this gives me a modest 910pt fleet, which will ally well with the Indian Raj or Royalist Australians until I can add more - if I should choose to. At the moment I am thinking of leaving them as they are, and using them alone or alongside the Indian Raj.

The advantages of the Submarines in the game are mostly obvious with their impressive defensive measures and, in the case of the Kingdom of Britannia, the powerful close attacks with the chainsaws attached to the top of their vessels! Other, more surprising elements include the strength of their crews - four Aggressive AP on the Vanguard, two Reckless on each of the Valiant and six Elite on the Vengeance. The crews of the Attack Submarines are especially useful as they can hide under the water and attack a full strength, like a Corvette squadron with less of the risk!

Their torpedo attacks are also powerful, with bonuses against submerged enemy models that will no doubt be incredibly useful against the Prussian Empire, Black Wolf Mercenaries and others. I normally do not rate torpedo attacks as they tend to have low numbers and can be stopped by CC, but with the Target Painter on the Vengeance-class they should be able to cause a lot more damage!

I cannot speak too much on the strengths and weaknesses of the Submarines as I have not played with them much, but they look great and I am looking forward to using them in an upcoming Battle Report! It was good to finish a new fleet for the collection, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Upcoming Dystopian Wars projects include finishing some extra models for the Kingdom of Denmark and adding a host of new models to the Russian Coalition, preparing for a massive conclusion to the Hunt for the Markgraf campaign soon!
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  1. What's your avergae turn around time per model? You constantly amaze me with your painting.

  2. For a medium Submarine like the Vanguard I start around 2-3 hours, though most of that is trying to work out the scheme/colour mixes etc. Once I have painted a model once, I get a lot faster! Batch painting can also help speed things up.

    By the end, for most of my fleets I will be painting entire squadrons in 2-3 hours.