Monday, 26 December 2016

Dead Man's Hand


Following last week's adventure in painting a handful of models for Dead Man's Hand, I have ramped-up production and finished off a few more models. Ten models have now been completed, and divided into two gangs - the townsfolk of Sweetwater and the desperadoes out to bedevil them. In this post, I'll be showing off the "good guys."
Jimmy McPoyle, local farmer from the McPoyle clan. Usually reclusive, he lends his aid to the Sheriff when the local outlaws get violent and threaten his family

One of my favourite models thus far, I gave his jeans a faded look by adding green to blue mix

The Bank Teller, out to defend his business and his town

This model was a lesson in simple greys, and probably boasts the cleanest shirt in Sweetwater

Young Robert and Jock

I love the pose on the model, pointing his fingers to imitate a pistol

On his tattered piece of paper is the Maze from Westworld

The wealthiest man in Sweetwater, landowner and businessman Logan Hale

This guy was an adventure in painting light colours without appearing too clean

Sheriff Ford, ex-Marshal and defender of the Law in these parts

The Sheriff was painted in the same colours as the Marshals (a set I intend to acquire soon) as I want him to join them in the future

Dulls greys and blacks keep him serious and threatening

The good people of Sweetwater

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