Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Escalating Engagement


It has been several weeks since my last post on Dropfleet Commander (posts on anything, in fact...) and for that I must apologise! A recent change in occupation has seen my painting time stay about the same, but the sunlight I need for photography has been out of reach. This has meant that I have needed to wait for the opportunity to photograph all the things I have been painting - things like the fountain for Dropzone Commander, the cowboys for Dead Man's Hand and now the main event: new ships for the Dropfleet! 

The past few weeks have seen three more capital ships and six frigates added to the fleet - a large variety of different classes and hulls that will round out the options for the fleet nicely and bring me closer to the ultimate goal of having everything I need painted. 

The latest wave of reinforcements join the burgeoning fleet
First up is the New Orleans-class Strike Carrier, bringing me up to four 
Three Jakarta-class Aegis Frigates bring much needed escort duty and point defence to the larger vessels
A pair of Taipei-class Missile Frigates are the start of a full-sized squadron of six
The Rio-class Cruiser brings several more mass drivers to the fleet
Alongside the Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser and a squadron of Osaka-class Light Cruisers, they will batter the opposition into submission
The Madrid-class Cruiser brings much needed bombardment power to the fleet
This vessel will sail alongside (at least one) Tokyo-class Battleship, bringing merry hell to the enemies of Mankind
The St. Petersburg-class Heavy Cruiser
This beast has been bolstered with the addition of fins to the hull, giving a more predatory appearance
If the paired Burnthrough Lasers ever line up properly, their opponent will be in deep trouble
The fleet so far! We're a long way from completion, but should be ready to engage the enemy nonetheless!
Next up - the mighty New York-class Battleship is sitting on the painting table, looking rather imposing.

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  1. The addition of the fins to the Saint Pete is a very effective conversion. Must remember to crib that idea.

    Inclined to agree with you about the difficulties of ever getting off a Weapons Free dream shot with the darned thing, though. All comes down to winning initiative at a key moment, I guess. Still a shame the heavy cruisers didn't get Linked on their main weapons, but I suppose they'd have cost too much in that case.