Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Man In Black

The Sheriff's posse was shown off in a previous post, so I thought it was time to show off the gang causing all the trouble - the desperadoes led by the mysterious Man in Black. This collection of ragged outlaws, drunks and criminals is ready to cause trouble for the quiet town of Sweetwater!
First up is Teddy, shown in a previous post

I still love the understated pose on this model, subtle and effective

Wyatt, the Man in Black, feared gunslinger and remorseless killer

One of the most striking models in the whole range, I knew I had to pick him up

The deep black/brown leather of his coat contrasts with the softer tones on the other models I've painted, marking him out as something special

Local drunk, Sizemore. Booted out of town one too many times, Sizemore has found himself running with a band of outlaws and desperadoes

This was another favourite to paint - the pose is nice and the detail on the clothing really great

Logan, ex-cattle rancher and gunslinger. His opinion of himself tends to exceed that of others...

After experimenting with lighter colours, I found a dark coat was the best look for this model. I'm not a huge fan of the pose (and model as a whole) but this will suffice

"Musical" Pete, travelling musician and somewhat-capable thief

This model received a second paintjob after I found his old colour scheme didn't fit with the rest of the models - his colour were too stark. I am much happier with the new scheme

Desperadoes, out in force and ready to cause trouble for the Sheriff
The models painted for Dead Man's Hand so far have come from one blister and two sets sold by Black Scorpion for their Tombstone range, shown below...
The Sheriff

Tombstone 2

Tombstone 7

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