Friday, 30 December 2016

High Plains Drifter


Happy New Year! Now the festivities have ended, I've taken the opportunity for some more painting! The last two models from my initial investment at Reading Warfare have now been completed - the mounted Drifter and Deputy. This puts me at twelve painted models for Dead Man's Hand - more than enough for my first practice games later this week. Winner Dave will be bringing his masked Outlaws, so I will report back soon enough with how it goes!
First up is the Drifter from Black Scorpion miniatures, a really nice mounted character that I picked up alongside the other sets

The horse is not the best sculpt in the world, but I really like the guy on top

Horses in Dead Man's Hand are not a great advantage and I doubt I'll be running him very often, but it was a fun model to paint and looks great alongside the rest of the posse

Ruffians and gunslingers arrive in town looking to cause trouble

The Deputy on horse is the second mounted model painted, and unfortunately a difficult model to clean with a lot of casting issues - this has impacted the final result and although I am "happy" with him, I know I can do a lot better

Nonetheless I love some of his details, like the rope and the keys hanging from his belt

This horse was given a more exciting colour scheme to add some more colour

The Deputy was given a grey and white scheme, to match the Sheriff (sans coat, of course)

When I pick up the Earps the Law will have some serious firepower!

The last two models in my current Wild West collection - now time for some Dropfleet Commander! 
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