Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dropfleet Commander - Finally!


Rest assured, (at time of writing) I have not received my Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter pledge. Nonetheless, because I have time free for a new project and because I am jealous of other local people with their pledges, I gave in and bought some models from my local gaming store. Well done Hawk! You got my money twice...

Totally worth it! These are some really nice models and fun (albeit hugely time consuming) to paint. So far I have built the standard Starter Fleet for the UCM with an additional Lima-class Detector Frigate as the metal Avenger can act as the second New Orleans-class Strike Carrier. Two Toulon-class Frigates, a Berlin-class Cruiser and Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser now sit on the painting table.

My initial scheme is a simple grey, as I wanted something I was familiar with (see my Resistance tanks and Lifthawks) that would look striking on the field. It was a bit of a shock to realise how much I rely on battle damage and rust to cover the mistakes I make on my Resistance forces - no such room for manoeuvre here! The scheme will be very similar to the Studio scheme in the future, as I add panels of lighter and darker greys, but the initial grey is already much lighter than the Hawk scheme. 

The UCM will be my first fleet as a I love the models and I have a scheme in mind - Scourge will follow once I work out how I wanted to paint them! Then perhaps some PHR, though I know Adam has his eyes on them...
The pair of New Orleans-class Strike Carriers
The details of the metal Avenger (at the rear) are obvious compared to the plastic vessel in the fore, but to be honest I think I prefer the simplicity of the plastic model
The Lima-class Detector Frigate is one of my favourite concepts for a class of vessel, and I am fan of the design
The detection equipment that studs the hull of the vessel was painted in an unusual blue, something a little more exciting than the standard scheme to stand out on the field
The Seattle-class Fleet Carrier is the first of the larger vessels painted for the fleet
I decided not to paint any of the panels in lighter or darker greys (something I intend to introduce as the fleet expands) as this was to be the first ship against which all others will be measured
Lining all the panels of this vessel took... a while
The fleet musters! They await reinforcements and proper bases
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  1. Beautiful!
    Any chance for a painting guide? Especially the lining (white lighting) :)

    You made me rethink my PHR color scheme... I'm only inches away from redoing all the panel lines :(

  2. I approve. Was initially tempted by the PHR for this game but the more I see of the UCM cruisers the more tempted I am by them, and your awesome paintjob is definitely not helping!

  3. GMac,

    Great job.
    Where did U get the base for the Seattle Carrier.