Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Fuel for ALEPH


Whilst George is busy putting his skills to good use on my Sekbans, I'm making slowly but steady progress on my ALEPH force. Having decided to start playing I.T.S missions I knew I needed an High Value Target. I'm also always banging on about how I need more scatter terrain, so cracked on with these fueling points and heat exchangers by Antenociti's Workshop.  I also found the time to finish off the Netrods.
I've kept it all deliberately simple, I'm bogged down with the amount of stuff I need/want to paint at the moment, which is also why George is painting commissions for me.  The airbrush helps a lot with this I find.  Bang some grey on, glaze some colour over and go nuts with some glow effect.

At the moment in game I'm loving having Thamyris as a Hacker, so far he's managed to take possession of a Seraph TAG, awesome. I'm struggling with a particular five-man Link Team, featuring Konstantinos, who uses an Multi-Spectral Visor L2.  I tried out some smoke and chain rifle shenanigans, but it was more luck than judgement saw things do well.  I think I badly need some MSV of my own, so that's either Atalanta, Teucer or some unknown Agema.  Maybe I should do all three.  Also, the Masterglass competition this quarter is a TAG with extra prizes for Scarface and Cordelia.  I quite fancy a go at that...too many options!

That's all for now..


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