Thursday, 13 October 2016

Under/Over Growth


I may have considered the abandoned city pretty much finished a while back, but posting pictures on Facebook was to prove costly - very costly indeed! Top suggestions to improve the city included adding vegetation, which you may have seen last week, and some taller buildings. I currently have three very tall buildings in progress, but while waiting for these to arrive from DarkOps I bashed out a quick trio of Residential Blocks from Blotz. These mid-sized to small buildings will bulk out the table nicely, and make it look more like a proper city!

Here's the result - two nice Residential Blocks (one of which you may have seen in a step-by-step guide recently) and a ruined building overgrown with trees to really add to the feel of encroaching nature. Enjoy!

The new additions, with some additional trees to help tie in the overgrown ruin in the centre
This latest round of the ruined city project was relatively fast, as I am well practised in bashing these out now
The overgrown ruin was a response to comments saying the city needed to look more overgrown. I acquired some smaller trees from the local Model Railway shop and got to work!
Plasticard details like the large pipe and girders add to the feel of the collapsed building, and some useful spots of colour
The first small Residential Block features a large number of broken down and rusted satellite antennae, taken from the 4Ground range
Breaking up the skyline sometimes involves more than just vents and ducts!
The second Residential Block may be recognised from my recent construction guide, mentioned above
This is simpler than the other, but they were both incredibly easy to build and paint
A selection of Residential Blocks standing together
The overgrown and ruined buildings all together, with some trees and piled car hulks
These buildings involved a lot more work, adding rubble and debris as well as copious amounts of vegetation and converting a crashing Typhoon Attack Helicopter
Three new buildings, small in size but great for bulking out the city and making it feel more claustrophobic for the invading forces!

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  1. These are looking good George. I especially like how the overgrown vegetation is now growing out from the building instead of being flat against it which is what we usually see on peoples derelict modelling projects. Ive been trying to work out a way to achieve this believably for a while now but havent settled on any thing yet :D