Friday, 28 October 2016

Dropfleet Commander - UCM Ready To Drop!


After a long week of painting, the first Starter Set for the United Colonies of Mankind has been completed! All the classes have been chosen from the front of the box and an additional Lima-class Detector Frigate added (as mentioned in a previous post), but now they have all been painted and I am waiting for my Kickstarter Pledge to arrive with baited breath!

In the mean time, I am negotiating to buy some additional ships from a friend (hopefully I will get these soon) and convert up some Corvettes. These are my priority at the moment and hopefully will be finished and featured soon enough, as well as a painting guide. I also intend to get some better quality photos! Perhaps a different background will help here...
Assembled together, Battlefleet Cervantes moves to defend the United Colonies of Mankind
Reinforcements are already en-route to join the fleet

The Seattle-class Fleet Carrier
Carrying several squadrons of fighters and bombers, the Seattle-class Fleet Carrier supports the battle line from the rear

The Berlin-class Cruiser
Armed with an infamous Burnthrough Laser, the Berlin-class Cruiser is a reliable brawler of the UCM fleet

The Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser

Bristling with mass driver turrets and refitted with the Killian vanes along the wings, the Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser is ready to go weapons free
*All credit to Hawk Forum member Killionaire, whose addition of the wings to the flanks of the vessel really made it look bulkier and more impressive. I had to follow!

A pair of Toulon-class Frigates
Teeming with firepower, these ships are fearsome in large numbers
Two New Orleans-class Strike Carriers
Subtle differences between the two vessels betray their divergent histories and refits
The Lima-class Detector Frigate
Accompanying the Battle Group, this Detector Frigate carries an incredibly complex scanning suite that will aid the restof the fleet in discerning enemy vessels
Frigates and Strike Carriers move together 
The heavier vessels prepare their payloads, leading the attack

The fleet is reinforced! Thier first engagement awaits...
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  1. I love you paint scheme! What colors did you use?

    1. I was just showing this to someone else and I noticed the raven wings. Looks amazing!

  2. Very nice! Are those "wings" from a UCM flyer of some kind?

  3. This is awesome!!! Would you mind giving a short tutorial?

    1. Tutorial to come in the future, but will need to take pictures as it progresses!

  4. I'd like to second a request for a tutorial... or at least a quick listing of paints and a sentence or two about procedure. I used your Scourge recipe to great effect; thank you!