Monday, 17 October 2016

Sankaki Exchange

The final piece of the ruined city has been completed - the immense Sankaki Exchange from DarkOps terrain. This monstrous construction is probably the largest single piece of terrain in the collection, but as it is a simple build it did not take a long time to paint.
Dominated by flat panelling, I resolved to make it look a little more interesting with different colours, air ducts on the rooftop and a lot of vegetation
The DarkOps "studio" colour scheme is very clean and white, but I did not want something that bright on the table. Instead, a light grey covers the majority of the piece
Only a small number of air ducts and vents were added, as I wanted to preserve most of the interesting hex-pattern rooftop
For a piece this size the Sankaki Exchange is very plain. Nonetheless, I like it and think it will work very well on the gaming table
The front of the building, with a small entrance for a building of this size
These interesting bars run down the back of the building - I don't know their purpose. Now they are overgrown and infested
Many of the hexagons have been highlighted - some kind of massive solar panel array now overgrown and breaking down slowly
The four buildings from DarkOps in my collection, finally finished
The DarkOps terrain stands apart from the Blotz terrain as the foundation of my Business District
I also completed a handful of new pieces for the Overpass - several more struts and a single-lane ramp that will make the flyover look really cool
The full road selection on display - I still feel I need tighter corners, but am happy to take a rest from terrain for a while!
Now a new challenge - storing it all! 
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