Friday, 14 October 2016

The Blade


The Terrain Train continues, as we enter the final lap - three giant buildings from DarkOps Terrain! I acquired three buildings all over six inches in height to bring my collection up to the requisite height for most Dropzone scenarios, and also to add some more "business" style buildings to give me options when configuring the table. It can now be a residential district, a business park or something more militaristic with enough imagination.

First up is The Blade, an unusual building with very stylised architecture. I knew when I first saw this building that I would have to add it to the table!
The hugely angular Blade building - now overgrown and abandoned
The building was painted a light brown as I felt the clean white of the studio Blade building would have been inappropriate in the ruined city
An imposing silhouette, the building easily surpasses six inches in height
Underneath the building, I wanted to have a great deal of vegetation and hanging roots - I hope this effect has paid off!
The Blade is my favourite of the DarkOps buildings, and I am happy with the final result! 
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