Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dystopian Wars - New Battleships


It has been very quiet on the Dystopian front lately. Distracted as I have been with other game systems such as Dropfleet Commander, combined with Spartan's own dedication to Halo: Ground Command, we haven't seen a lot of action for the game on this blog. It has not helped that my semi-regular gaming partner Mike has has some changes in his work, meaning our meetings have been far scarcer.

Recent news from Spartan revolved around their interest in running their own Kickstarter campaign for the Dystopian world - starting with an entirely new game Dystopian Empires (until that was shouted down by the vast majority in their recent survey), but now focusing on expanding the Dystopian Wars setting with some new campaigns, some new models and terrain. Great stuff! Given my own experience with Kickstarter I'm not sure I'll be investing and will perhaps wait for retail, but I'll be keeping close tabs on it!
The immense Ice Maiden is one of the pieces promised to emerge with the Kickstarter, coming in at nearly a foot long!

In the mean time, December sees the standard retail release of four new Battleships for four of the Core Nations. These new models are shown below, selling for fifteen pounds each. I'm happy to see new releases, of course, and might well pick some of them up. I'm especially interested in seeing a new Battleship for the Russian Coalition, as I love all of their massive ships!
The Prussian Eider-class Battleship comes in two varieties - the standard gunnery or packing massed Tesla batteries.

I like the look of vessel but feel it shares a lot in common with the Kingdom of Denmark aesthetic - perhaps I will paint it for them instead?

The Magnate-class Battleship for the Kingdom of Britannia carries several turrets or some very impressive bombards.

I like this design as it is slightly more ornate than the standard Britannian design, but something about it makes me think it is smaller than it is - the design makes me think of a Cruiser more than a Battleship

The Mississipi-class Battleship for the Federated States of America is a wide-bellied ship, packing a tonne of firepower.

I love the hangin g drapes on the superstructure, and look forward to painting them a nice contrating colour if I pick one up

The Yokai-class Battleship for the Empire of the Blazing Sun is the only new vessel that can operate as a carrier.

As with most Blazing Sun vessels, I have issues with the design, and feel it is a little top heavy as a carrier. I still believe it looks better than the original carrier designs, however

So there we are - cautiously optimistic for the future of the Dystopian world, and glad to see some new releases! I'll be keeping an eye on that Kickstarter...

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  1. I won't lie, that FSA battleship needs to be in my fleet asap