Tuesday, 22 November 2016

"Some MSV, Sir?"


In preparation for this weekend's fun tournament at the FLGS, I decided to do my usual bit of terrain and some new units to mix the list up a bit.

I bought the Antenociti's Workshop E-Systems Garbage Point set, and something I've desperately been lacking from my list, the Agema Marksmen.

The Garbage Point was easy to put together and one of those most rare items of scenery - pre-coloured, at least the MDF was  The plastic bits are just plain grey, and I thought they'd benefit from a quick spray job. You might be able to see that I've left the lids off - this is because I just couldn't imagine them surviving transportation and in-game abuse they would suffer. Overall a great bit of kit to buy and I hope they do more pre-coloured stuff in the future.

Atalanta... poor old Atalanta.  Like so many of my ALEPH models this is her fourth or fifth paint job. I haven't had that much success with her in the past; in fact her first game she got nailed by George's de-clocking Intruder sniper, which pretty much set the tone for my experiences with her. That was back in Second Edition, with N3HS3 things have changed, I no longer need to squeeze both her and the bunny into LOF of the target as the Tinbot is no more than a marker.  I'm looking forward to some smoke + Multi-Spectral Visor shenanigans this weekend and must must must remember to not use her as an ARO piece.  I fully intend to back her up with a medic.

I don't intend on taking the Agema with Missile Launcher this weekend, but I wanted him ready for when I get annoyed with Atalanta constantly dying. One of my least favorite models (second only to Thorakiti), he has proved invaluable in the past though so I think I should get him out more often or he may end up as the Agema Mk12 proxy.

Oh and I nearly forgot, my Total Reaction Rebot..the Zayin. Can't wait to get this bad boy on the table, I plan on using Thamyris to run the Assisted Fire support-ware program to turn this thing into a killing machine.

Like most of my plans, I imagine that reality will prove somewhat different, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading.


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