Monday, 30 May 2016

PHR Brings Sexy Back!

Hi all,

I was close to painting some T72's for 'Team Yankee' when Salute happened - and sexiness was revealed to me! The PHR Aegean! This Show-Only model has the same rules as the Neptune, but brings the aesthetic of the Triton. 

I think it is one of the nicest miniatures I've seen in any system, I think it looks sleek, mobile and more like a predator! I would love Hawk to release this model for sale and then do a gunship version - maybe a couple of the Hyperion's lasers? Ah, a player can dream! The model is only three pieces so it's easy to assemble but needed a bit of green stuff.

Next model is the Menchit A2. It's almost identical to my other Menchits but it has these missiles - something a little extra! The missiles I thought should really stand out, so instead of grey/tan I went for them entirely blue, hopefully their impact in game will reflect this high-energy excitation!

Another model I picked up was Helena Caine (sorry Jocasta) I love the Type-3 walkers, and she has some great rules for them, Taunting Target is my favourite, so I thought with my large number of Type 3's she'd be a good buy. Hopefully with a more generic Hera becoming available in the new Reconquest book the model will get plenty of use.

I also picked up a Poseidon Drop Ship with my Second Place winnings at our local Escalation League. I've realised I really need one of these chaps to get my Hades into combat. I'm not a massive fan of the model, even with green stuff, gaps still show, and I really struggle with the large details on the underside of this (and all my) drop ships. I got a lot of the blue from the undercarriage splash up the sides where the propellers attached, hence the heavy sponge chipping there.

Anyway I hope you like the update, more has just hit the table, with the Angelos A2 and Erebos - now they have new rules!

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