Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Winner Returns To Infinity


(Editor's note - after the success of his Saga blog post earlier in the month, Winner Dave has started working on his Infinity miniatures once more. You might remember some from ages past! Here he revisits some old models and gets painting...)

Hi all!

So I've re-caught the Infinity bug after a long sabbatical. I kinda gave up last time for a number of reasons -
  1. N3 seemed to be taking ages to land
  2. George kept kicking my butt and I was a bit demoralised
  3. I couldn't get happy with my paint jobs
As a result my ALEPH force sat in an army box gathering the proverbial dust. Since then a new FLGS has opened and suddenly out of nowhere there's a real buzz in the store with regards to playing Infinity (caused in part by the U.S. Ariadna starter box). This has lead to a rise in people asking for demo games, which I've been only too happy to help with.

Now that the Army Builder is N3 compatible and the wiki is all N3'd up, Point 1 no longer applies.  I now have a range of opponents from the complete beginner to the grizzled veterans, so Point 2 is mitigated (George will continue to judiciously hand out butt-kickings, but I hopefully hand out a few of my own).  Point 3, well that's where NitroMors comes in... yep it's back to the paint stripper and hopefully this time I can actually get an army/list painted.

Initially I tried to continue my grey/turquoise theme, so I painted up Acmon here in those colours. However, I just don't like it.  It's far too fussy, takes too long to paint and ultimately I don't think the colours are working.

I need to start again again (I think 4th or 5th attempt now), simplify the scheme and incorporate the airbrush.

Acmon takes a NitroMors bath and will be re-painted at a later date.

This time, I'm painting four models that have all been stripped at least once. Eudoros, a Myrmidon Hacker, a Myrmidon with Chain Rifle and a Myrmidon with Boarding Shotgun. This will form one of my fireteams. I like this group a lot as all have ODD, Eudoros has No-Wound Incapacitation for survivability and the Mk12 for some long range firepower. Zero-V (now Eclipse) grenades help me cope with Multi-Spectral Visors.

For the scheme I've gone with good old grey... dark grey to be precise over a black primer.  Add some white and finally some pure white.  Edge highlight with pure white and black for black lining, then its glazes all the way down.  Turquoise glazes over the armour parts, black glazes on the squishy parts and brown over the straps.

Weapons are painted with a blue green/neutral grey mix, black washed and highlighted with the base colour + light grey/ivory/white.

Then finally back to the airbrush to add some glowy effects, the wife suggested orange so I went with it.
So after many trial and tribulations, I finally have my scheme and I'mm sticking with it.  I reckon I can improve the execution of the scheme and no doubt there will be some subtly changes but for now at least I'm happy.

Thanks for reading, feedback on the scheme is welcome!

 Winner Dave

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