Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fleet Carriers

Winner Dave may have taken over the blog for a brief period, but I am back! Some difficulties in Work and Real Life have kept me away from the painting table, and I've only managed to paint a few models in the past week - a second Kostroma-class Fleet Carrier and ten tiny flyer wings to go with it. The road to a "complete" fleet for the Russian Coalition continues...
The second Kostroma-class Fleet Carrier and two wings of support aircraft join the World War
The second vessel features a bit more rust and battle damage, adding some extra colour to the stark Russian fleet
Nonetheless, I am happy that they match well. It has been a good few months since the first one was painted
My squadron of carriers as they currently stand - I hope the Russian Coalition receives a smaller, Medium carrier in the future
Will I ever use all three together? I'm not at the moment but I hope so!
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