Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Something Old, Something New


Some serious painting this week, as I take eleven models off the Painting List. After a few more Russian ships, I was driven to break out the Chinese Federation once more - only a handful of unpainted miniatures remain for this Nation and I hope to finish them off soon. 

Hopefully these will be making an appearance in an upcoming Battle Report, as we journey East in our exploration of the World War...
The Chi Long-class Assault Flyers bring boarding, flame and bombs to the Chinese fleet, and have proven themselves in battle already. A great addition to the fleet, I feel I will regret painting these for my friend Ben soon! The actual painting of these models was nice and simple - the Chinese do not need the precise care of the Russian ships as their scheme is much brighter and forgiving. I particularly enjoy the jade of the ornamental flamethrowers, and the warm gold
The first Zhulong-class Interceptor has been painted - amazingly simple miniatures, I should be able to crack out the next four at speed
A second squadron of Rostov-class Destroyers and three Veliky-class Escorts join the Russian Coalition, giving me more options for Small squadrons and the opportunity to escort more of my Large vessels
This adds yet more vessels to the mighty White Navy, which is now getting too big for the case! Only a small number of vessels remain before I consider this fleet "finished"
New enemies meet in the Pacific - next up, the remaining Zhulong-class Interceptors
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